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Why Sakatlan?

Before we became a company, we just loved our product and we really liked Sakatlan papers to roll with, so naturally when we became a company one of the first items we offered as part of our product line was the Sakatlan brand of rolling papers. This is evident by going on our initial products page.

In addition to the quality, we loved the brand and what it represented, the artistic nature of the product and its practical use made Sakatlan a natural brand partner.

Sakatlan is a 100% Mexican company committed to environmental responsibility, contributing our part in multiple ways. We believe in a spiritual connection with the pre-Hispanic cultures of which our ancestors were a part, they were really connected to the earth and the other elements. We make this tribute by capturing different cultures such as Wixarica, Maya and Mexica in the patterns as well as in the design of the brand and products.

Sakatlan also shared our vision of being faithful believers that in Mexico we have the capacity and natural resources to make everything possible, to create any necessary tool.

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